Mobile phones in the modern society

Mobile phones in the modern society

The mobile phone is one of the most useful and common modern era technologies that has made our lives considerably easier. With a mobile phone you can get connected with family, friends, and business partners anywhere across the globe. 

A mobile phone also called a cellular phone is available in various shapes and sizes from various brands with different technical specifications for purposes like voice calls. video chats, text messages, internet browsing, email, video games, and photography.  

The mobile phone present in today’s society is commonly referred to as smartphone because of their wide range of advanced features.

  Mobile phones as an electronic device has a number of advantages and disadvantages, a lot of its disadvantages arise from its misuse.

Advantages of mobile phones

Advantages of mobile phones

 There are many ways mobile phones positively impact our lives daily ranging from work, school to individual home. 

  • Communication 

This is one of the most significant use of mobile phones. Regardless of distance, it is possible to connect with anyone around the world within seconds, distance does not matter.

  • Entertainment 

A lot of entertainment option is available on the mobile phone, you can watch movies, listen to songs, play games etc at your convenience. You can access the internet and explore entertainment options online like sorts betting on 20 Bet , streaming music, videos, social media.

  • Access to Internet 

Mobile phones makes it so much easier to stay connected to the Internet without spending long hours at internet cafes. Conviency and easy also comes with easy access because you an can be connected without leaving your home.

  • Learning and research 

Using the Internet , you have access to all kinds of books, lecture, research works and lots more 

 Disadvantages of mobile phones 

 Disadvantages of mobile phones 

   Despite all the advantages of mobile phones, there are downsides to it too, mostly as a result of its misuse. Some of them are:

  • Health problem 

 Long exposure to a mobile phone can cause strain to the eyes, organs and the brain. Headache, eye damage, insomnia, dizziness can also be as a result of long hours on the mobile phone.

  • Cyber bullying 

Research shows that most people and teenagers face cyber bullying through a mobile phone, a larger percentage of bullied people are Suicidal. 

Mobile phones creates the opportunity for people to bullying their fellow for entertainment.

  • Cybercrime 

Cybercrime is the illegal use of computers for crimes like fraud, trafficking, identity theft, privacy violation and lots more. Mobile phones are also used to carry out Cybercrime.

Cybercrime is on the increase every day as many people use mobile phones.

  • Addiction 

Mobile phone addiction is one of the most dangerous effects of the use of mobile phones, numerous people get addicted all the time. 

Nomophobia is addiction to the use of mobile phones, it is a mental disorder characterized by the continuous use of mobile phones without stopping. Common symptoms of nomophobia are irritability,anger, tension, loneliness.

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