Development of sports betting

Development of sports betting

The earliest record of sports betting is more than 2000 years, overtime a lot has changed with betting. Anyone who is a lover of sports will most likely be interested in sports betting, bets thousands of years ago were made for fun and entertainment with friends.

How it started

Betting according to historians started with chariot races or gladiator fights, they were said to have existed 676 BC. Horse racing was the most popular sports betting among gamblers but it served as a form of entertainment to only the elite and gentlemen that had money. Horse racing played a  huge role in the development of sports betting. 

Betting has always been around informally in the 16th and 17th century, horse racing was quite available but it was only accessible to the aristocracy.

There were private races where only horse owners could place wagers; it was made available to the public by Charles II.

Traditional sports betting was known through the establishment of baseball in 1876, sports betting wasn’t really on the forefront until the 1970s. In the medieval times, the church passed laws to forbid gambling, gambling was not legal in many countries till recent times. 

How is it now: Modern sports betting 

Modern sports betting 

One of the biggest changes in sports betting is the addition of the Internet. Online betting has grown popular alongside the number of events you can wager on, some of which were not available at some point in History. Today you can bet on anything from football to the weather

Digital technology has moved betting websites to another level, the process of wagering is a lot easier. You can watch sports events via Live streaming, place your bets online without leaving the comfort of your home. Check 22Bet NG  for more information.

  Availability of advanced mobile devices provides services for you on the go, there a number of online sportsbooks.

What it might be: The future

The future

It is quite difficult to predict the future of betting, the sports betting industry is never stable. The industry is expected to undergo several changes in the coming years as they aim to attract new clients. A few of the expected changes are listed below, although most of them are mere predictions for the future. We can’t say precisely what the future will bring.

  • Virtual and augmented reality technologies are most likely to feature majorly in the future of online sportsbooks. They have started to penetrate and they might do so at rapid speed.

  We can imagine what it’ll look like to use virtual reality to recreate the feeling of being at a sports event in the comfort of your home. It is expected that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will play an essential role in the future of sports betting. 

  • Microbetting is a significant area that is predicted to also become popular in the near future. Microbetting is wagering on short duration events or games. Some people enjoy longer games while some will rather wager on short time events like the number of goals that can be scored in a particular duration. 


With all being said, it is glaring that sports betting will continually change Over time. Advance technology will mostly influence more changes to the betting world. 

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