Cancelled Bets by Bookies

Cancelled Bets by Bookies

It is common for bettors to have questions about if a bookie can cancel a bet. It could be devastating to hear that a wager has been cancelled after a player wins a large jackpot. 

Bookmakers do not have the power to cancel a game; a bet is only cancelled if nobody wins, draws or losses. The wager is void in this scenario, and if it was a single wager, your money will be returned. However, if it is an accumulator, the odds for that game will be deducted, reducing your profit. 

If a match is postponed and is not yet rescheduled for a later time, the bookmaker may declare it to be void. If a different date is chosen within 24 hours of the cancellation, the bet will remain live till the proposed date. This is usually the most common situation when you see a cancelled bet on a sports bookie. Therefore, there is no reason to be anxious when you make profits on an online sports betting site. Many bookmakers always ensure their payments are stress-free. Withdrawals are simple, provided you have a 22bet account and a verified 22bet login profile. 

Possible Reasons for Cancellation of Bets

Many factors could prevent a game from being played and result in the game being void. It could be technical or natural, as so many factors come into play. 

Illegal Activities

Illegal Activities

The footballing authorities may deem it fit for a game not to hold due to illegal activities like riots. In situations like this, the bookmaker has the ability to cancel the bet, which means it becomes void.  Hence, this is out of the bookmakers’ hands, so the game becomes void. 

Adverse Weather Conditions 

If a game becomes impossible to play due to critical weather conditions, the game has to be rescheduled. The game must be rescheduled between the bookies’ grace period to avoid the bet being void. In major competitions, the games are rescheduled immediately or continued when everything is clear. However, in friendly matches, the match is usually not rescheduled, and the bookie has to cancel the game. 

Technical Glitch

Technical Glitch

Poorly designed betting platforms might occasionally suffer from a technical glitch from time to time. Sometimes, the site may crash when its servers are at capacity. Hence, this could lead to issues like your bets being cancelled or lost. But in cases like this, the problem is typically fixed to your advantage.   

Remedies for the Problem of Incorrectly Cancelled Bets.

No bookie would go through the hassle of refusing to pay their customers because it would harm their reputation. Regardless of how much it is, they would still pay, sometimes in instalments. So, the first thing to do if a wager is incorrectly cancelled is to contact customer service.

As we previously stated, cancelled bets may be the result of a technical issue, which can be resolved by contacting their support. You can speak to a support staff, who would cross-check your bets and ensure everything is ok; and if there are no faults your bet would be rectified. 

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